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As an educational consultancy; Lets Education Nepal is one of the best counseling and recruiting company--also famous for test preparation classes (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE and GMAT) among prospective students; established in 2013; situated at Chipledhunga 04,Pokhara Nepal--South Asia; recruits 250-400 Asian students per annum according to their interested disciplines in different colleges of the world: USA, Australia, Canada, Finland, Ukraine, Cyprus, Switzerland, Denmark, Singapore, New Zealand and so on.

International students in Nepal; so it can play vital role to craft the student's future bright by referring different colleges to South Asian students and international students as the best destination for their prospective study. Since its inception, it has been appointed authorized representative of more than 120 exceptional colleges and universities of the world.

Lets Education Nepal - Future Outlook

The students have a stellar role in nation building and education plays the most important and vital role. Higher education in a globalize society should assure equity of access to all students without any sort of bias and without any manner diluting the respect for cultural diversity as well as national sovereignty.

Education is increasingly becoming a costlier venture and no meritorious and aspiring student should miss out on his career / course selection for want of guidance and support and no student should be forced to compromise on his education for want of financial support or in the name of affordability.

Today, there is considerable interest among students in acquiring an internationally recognized professional degree from the best colleges and universities in the world.

Lets Education Nepal, with its excellent infrastructure, well qualified personnel is all set to expand its horizons by seeking representation from prestigious universities and colleges in Canada, New Zealand, USA, Australia, UK and Singapore etc. Apart from this, Lets Education Nepal also seeks strategic tie-ups with leading International Companies, to strengthen their commitment to Nepal by creating a harmonious blend between academics and practical applications.

Lets Education Nepal would channelize all endeavors to help and guide students in their pursuit of quality education in Nepal or abroad. Proper and timely guidance to the student community is the best service to the nation.

The main objective of the company is to provide students who are in pursuit of better opportunity--being an outstanding consultancy preceding unique phase of its being: language and test preparation center--chance to distinguish the road to best and secure future; to increase their knowledge, prospects and an all round development of their personality; to grant the break for honesty--right information regarding abroad studies; to ameliorate their future; to grant excellent documentation and visa processing, too.

The company has experienced, dedicated, highly intellectual and qualified team to meet its objectives.

Studying at Lets Education has a significant impact in the life of many students who wished to increase their knowledge, prospects and an all round development of their personality. Today also, it gives us immense pleasure to see young aspirants thronging in for admission with hopes of building their career and being successful in every walk of their life. As an effort to provide right information regarding abroad studies to the students, Lets Education Nepal management team is dedicated to obtain the student’s objective. Since it is representing the selected institutes, colleges and universities of USA, UK, CANADA, SINGAPORE, DENMARK, FINLAND, CYPRUS, POLAND, AUSTRALIA, SWITZERLAND, NEW ZEALAND, UKRAINE, JAPAN-students have no problem in selecting the institution and the country all over the world.

Lets Education Nepal is not just a counseling centre, but an Academic Institution which always stands for Career Counseling, proper guidelines for selection of College, University, and Institution throughout Abroad. It is also responsible for assisting in preparation of financial documents and Visa preparation classes. Also Lets Education Nepal provides different training program like Computer and Hotel Training. Lets Education Nepal has established itself as a unique Education Consultancy firm through continuous exercise of our experts’ team Our Institution aims to provide comprehensive and professional guidance in Test Preparation, English Language, Computer Trainings, Hotel Trainings and Study Abroad counseling with the help of ultra-modern technical support. We have an excellent team of students, friendly staff and tutors who are always eager to extend their services and support as guidance. We are confident that your time with us will be enjoyable and equally rewarding with the new skills and professional qualification.

The computer lab is the site of learning, practicing and surfing the net for the students. All the members are ready for any counseling and guidance that the students are desperately looking for. Classroom: equipped with excellent infrastructures; posters; rubrics; quotations; internet connected computer; desk; bench; without sound pollution and other required facilities--provides extraordinary environment for learning and teaching. Moreover, the milieu there is serene and tranquil such that the students are highly motivated towards the study and the interaction.

In order to further student's edification; our duty is a sense of dignity to both service provider and recipient; a need of our nation's academic and experience's strata; a deference for most dedicated assiduous scholars and students; assistance for our prospective academic career; and demand of globalization; an inspiration for prospective diligence, alacrity, enthusiasm and performance--its very much imperative.

The major objectives of Lets Education are as enumerated below:
  1. - To serve as an organization for pooling all information, about educational opportunities in various streams in Colleges / Universities in Nepal and abroad so that the same is shared with the student community.
  2. - To contribute in the discussions about the quality of higher education imparted in an increasingly diverse higher education arena and also the implications of globalization on higher education.
  3. - To create awareness on the impact of higher education in a globalize society on the social, political, economical and cultural dimensions.
  4. - To reach the message of quality education and create awareness about the available opportunities in various streams of education in India and abroad to the widest cross section of student community.
  5. - To help, guide, counsel and facilitate the students in proper course selection.
  6. - To co-ordinate the efforts of the students in their career path.
  7. - To act as representative for Universities in USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, Cyprus and other EUROPEAN Countries.
  8. - To assist the Universities in faculty selection and also formalizing the course curriculum wherever required.
  9. - To assist the Universities for recruitment of eligible students.
  10. - To act as a liaison between the universities and the Government and to co-operate between other universities or educational bodies in matters of common interest.
  11. - To undertake and provide for the publication of newsletters, books and journals.
  12. - To organize or undertake such programs that would help improve the standards of instruction, teaching, examination, research, library management etc for the growth and propagation / imparting of knowledge.
  13. - To facilitate teaching / research staff and students exchange programs.
  14. - To organize cultural exchange programs that would go a long way in promoting amity.
  15. - To facilitate and organize conferences and seminars on matters of international importance and awakening.
  16. - To assist universities in obtaining recognition for their degrees, diplomas and examinations from other universities, Nepali as well as foreign;
  17. - To channelise efforts for promoting sports, youth welfare programs.
  18. - To organize cultural exchange programs that would go a long way in promoting amity.
  19. - To act as a service organization for universities in abroad in whatever manner required or prescribed.

Message From Managing Director

Mahesh Poudel Managing Director

Your decision to study abroad is a good one, provided your application to your chosen destination country is backed by your profile, background, preference and experience. Studying abroad provides a fantastic opportunity to pursue your future career path. You may want to study abroad for a combination of reasons such as academic prowess, career and employment opportunities or something as simple as personal enrichment.

For this you may need detailed information on required qualifications and what the educational framework of each destination country is like. When it comes to planning international study, keep in mind your personal objectives while looking at key issues such as course availability, entry requirements, projected outcomes, costs, course duration, academic content, employment options during study and so on.

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